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This year's Charity dance!

POSTED: Thursday 8th September 2016

Morning everyone - it's usually this time of year that we are organising our Annual Charity Dance which is generally in November!!  Last year our charity was Guide Dogs for the Blind. It was when I was thinking about how sad it is to lose your sight or not have sight that I contacted the Charity and met an amazing guy with the loveliest dog -  and so that was how we chose it.  We themed it as The Big Blackpool Night Out and had a Punch and Judy show, Picnic on the Beach (not a real beach but we did have artistic beach tablecloths and shells) picnic with cockels, mussels, fish n chip biscuits, egg sandwiches, scones, and ice cream cup cakes - all served in Picnic hampers to each table by Graham and myself to the tune of Teddy Bears Picnic.  We had a Blackpool Quiz, Lots of dances, Wish you were here, and a photo opportunity poking heads through the fat lady, thin man stand! We had incredible lights everywhere rigged and at the appointed moment we had the 'Switching On' Ceremony which was carried out by Dave from the Charity. He brought his dog with him and everyone made an enormous fuss of him.(the dog that is) It was so well supported and we raised over £250 which was a lot from our small club.

So what's our Charity next year?  And what will the theme be?  We normally have it in November but it's a bit of a pain trying to get a date with the Pantomime rehearsal in full swing so this time we are going to have it in Spring - the theme is under discussion and to all those who know me - I have to have a project!!  Constantly thinking about What's next and what exciting thing can we do this time!!!!

We love to dress up in our club so I'm sure between now and then we'll have some other fun nights and with Christmas coming.....................

Adult Education sessions start on October 6th at Newquay, Liskeard and Bodmin - there are a couple of new daytime sessions now for those who can't do evenings and also there will still be our Monday Fraddon for Improvers and our Monday Lanhydrock one for Improvers.

Go Sequence eh?  We're thinking of a trip to Southport for the Easter Festival next year as well so if we can get enough  people interested there will be a coach - I'll be promoting that very soon. 

And so now for Strictly!!!!  I hate the uneven playing field - call me old fashioned but I think it's weird having Ed Balls up against an 18 year old gymnast who does the splits in her sleep and is used to somersaulting through the air!!!  I absolutely love Judge Rinder - I noticed his hips were going for  it in the group dance and he was really loving it!!  If you want to put any comments about Strictly go to our Facebook page and let's hear what everyone thinks!!

With that I'm signing off - bye for now and keeeeeeep dancing :)






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