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Monday and it's pouring down!!

POSTED: Monday 20th June 2016

Didn't dampen our spirits though - our Fraddon dancers have finished the Rumba today and almost remembered the Mambo and we had had some fun going over that!  I'm looking forward to the three new dances out - the Wicked Waltz, the Redwood Cha Cha and the Sunkiss Saunter!!  I want to dance the Waltz just so I can say Wow that's Wicked!!! 

Did I mention our Street Party to celebrate the Queens' birthday?  It was such a great night, we did it at our Fraddon Wednesday dance and had Carnaby Street, Downing Street, Covent Garden, Soho, Mayfair and Hyde Park - a bit like Monopoly! Of course we danced the Balomoral Blues, The Windsor Foxtrot and the Chatsworth Jive!!  Great evening and a Quiz which was almost impossible but the Carnaby Street won in the end! Everyone dressed in Red White and Blue and the food was delicious! 

Lanhydrock lovelies tonight and it's such an old and lovely building!   I always look forward to seeing everyone.  Will upload some more pics to the gallery just as soon as I find out how to do it a bit better - I've got poor David Last - acclaimed musician - standing sidewards!!!!

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