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POSTED: Tuesday 25th April 2017

So here we are nearly in May and the weather has just been fab!  So, what's been happening? We went to a Dance Holiday in Torquay  and met some lovely people. 15 from Cornwall went to it and it was friendly and fun.  The food wasn't bad until I chose salad and had a plate of Lambs Lettuce and not much else - now I know how cows feel -  I was chewing for ages!!

We like all the new dances from the Easter Festival - I especially like the Chartswell Cha Cha - we have taught them both and tomorrow we'll be teaching them to our Fraddon Club,. The Swing is fun and I love the Cuban Breaks in the Cha Cha.- let's hope our club love it too.

I'm very excited as I have just planned to do a Cupcake Dance for Dementia on June 14th.  I think it will be great fun and also will raise some much needed funds for the charity.  Everyone has to wear a hat or fascinator- cupcakes have toppings don't they?  I'm also doing the Race for Life at Falmouth on May 14th - gotta keep doing stuff and making progress for the future - and it's an amazing atmosphere on the day.

I hope lots of visitors come and find us this year - we love getting new people turning up.  Hope to see some of you soon either learning or dancing with us - toodle pip - Frankie xx

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