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POSTED: Saturday 6th November 2021

Saturday 6th November 2021 

Are you wondering where I went?  Firstly I don't blog unless it's a change of season, a different event or something like that and although I do love to blog and chat somehow the pandemic just got in the way. I won't forget the day that we knew we couldn't continue and so - as with many many people - life as we knew it ground to a halt.

We made the decision to move to Lanzarote where I have family and so here we are. Most of 2020 dancing was banned and over here it still is. But we have dusted off our shoes and we have been practicing and making sure we can build a dance here, teaching and socialising and having fun!!!

I was so worried my dance shoes wouldn't fit - but all is good - yes I brought all my shoes here, 15 pairs and every practice session I wear a different pair just to make sure I can!

So, lovely dancers - those we know, those we are yet to meet - dancing is such a joyful thing to do and once you start and get a left foot and a right foot you will never look back!  From now on I will be blogging more regularly as I am sure that I will have lots to talk about very soon.  Strictly fans - are you watching?  Mixed scores from the judges but the standard is so high -  it's great to see that even if you have an impairment there are ways to enjoy dancing. Just take that first step........

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