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Modern Sequence and Ballroom Dancing in Lanzarote


I expect you know what Ballroom is but what is Sequence Dance?

Sequence dancing is based on ballroom dancing. The figures and steps you make are the same and the dances are the same, Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Tango, Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive, Samba, Bossa Nova.  On top of this there are classic sequence dances such as Blues, Saunters and Swings.
The difference is that you learn a specific routine to a dance with a partner and you repeat it in sequences so that everyone is dancing the same dance round the room. You can adapt this to dance Ballroom which is more freestyle using the figures and routines to move freely round the room (avoiding other dancers who are also doing their own routines). 

Many people prefer Sequence  to straightforward Ballroom and Latin, it can be more relaxed, social and fun . Once you have learned the basic social dances you can start to do more challenging Modern Sequence dances which are invented by top professionals.

If you  go to a Tea Dance they are normally what they call 50/50 which is a mix of Ballroom and Sequence. So everyone can join in and if you dance Sequence you can also adapt to dance Ballroom as well - win win!!

Both Graham and I have danced for some years, I started at the age of 3 doing Ballet and Tap until I was a teenager. Graham danced Ballroom as a teenager. Later in life we met and danced together before deciding to qualify and to teach.

We married in Blackpool Tower Ballroom and taught through Adult Education and also ran weekly dances in Cornwall. We moved to Lanzarote in 2020 to continue our dancing and  hopefully encourage others to learn and enjoy the magic of dance.

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